All songwriters/artists need to complete the pre-registration form on the website and submit all correct contact details, pre-registration will open soon.
The organisers of the contest will be in contact with the pre-registered artists to notify them of the entry's details.
Entries for the 2021 contest will be announced soon.
Entry forms will be available on the website on the entry opening date.
All songwriters and artists from across the African continent can enter.
The AfriMusic Song Contest organising committee will review all entered songs to ensure they comply with the rules. Approved songs will be put forward for the national selections. A maximum of 20 songs will be put forward per participating country.
The national selections phase will take place for each participating country.
National selections run for four weeks. All public citizens of the participating country will be invited to vote on our website for their favourite song.
The jury will cast their votes for the best song for each participating country.
Artist songs will be available on the AfriMusic Song Contest digital and social media platforms.
The top 20 contestants will be selected by a ranking voting system, where each country contestant is awarded two sets of points such as 12, 10, 8-1. After the presentation of the scores from the panel of judges and votes received from the general public, points will then be combined providing one score for each song. The results from the judging panel and the general public shall be ranked based on the highest to lowest votes received. Points are allocated from 12 points for the top-ranked song, 10 points for the second highest-ranked song, and the remaining points from 8 to 1 point, ranked from third to last. This is based on the Eurovision Song Contest voting system. This means that there are two separate sets of votes awarded from the judges, as well as the general public in order for the contestants to receive a fair vote. 
The finals take place 4 weeks after the National Selections results are announced. After auditing the public vote and judges scores the winners from each country will be announced.
Winning artists from each country go head-to-head to determine the BEST SONG in Africa.
Public from across Africa will be invited to vote for their favourite song via SMS and the jury will also cast their votes. Votes will be combined and audited by an independent auditing firm.
For more information click here to read the general rules.