As Africans, we are proud of our African identity, proud to be part of a continent that embraces diversity. Music is part of celebrating and reclaiming our African heritage. Our assorted musical tastes and influences are unique to our beautiful continent. 

'Music brings us together and celebrates diversity'.

The AfriMuisc Song Contest offers the opportunity for African songwriters and composers to receive the accolades they deserve. The contest provides established and aspiring songwriters the platform to showcase their best work.

'It is a wonderful integration of music styles, cultures and ethnicities that reflect the diversity and varying styles within the African continent'.
The AfriMusic Song Contest was launched in 2017, opening entries to all song- writers and artists across the African continent. It is the first and biggest music platform of its kind on the continent and was created with the idea to cement song writing in the music industry, to grow and recognise the genius behind the hits.

'Similar in format to the Eurovision Song Contest, it is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the best songwriters in Africa'.

The AfriMusic Song Contest will not only provide artists with a platform to showcase their talents to the rest of the world, but we will also create a platform that will educate, motivate and grow the music industry in Africa through its music room sessions and industry education programs.