The AfriMusic Song Contest is the first African music competition platform for emerging musical talent in Africa. The contest winner will be announced on the 27th of April 2020. There will be a maximum of 30 places and a minimum of 2 places available in the National Selections. Participating countries will compete against each other for the best song and musical composition in Africa. The Contest will comprise of the national selections and finals. 




The AfriMusic Song Contest [“AfriMusic”] is an international production organised by the AfriMusic Song Contest Organisation. The AfriMusic Song Contest entries, national selections, and finals will run on digital and mobile platforms.


All African countries are allowed to enter; however, they will need to comply with the AfriMusic rules, regulations, and processes of the production. 


As a digital contest, all entrants must follow the AfriMusic Song Contest Facebook and Instagram pages to qualify for entry.




Entries can be submitted through the official entry link which will be available on the AfriMusic website and social media platforms. Entries can be submitted online and via any mobile device. Entries for the 2021 Contest will open when it is safe to do so, in accordance with the World Health Organisation guidelines, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The National Selections dates will be announced once the 2021 contest officially opens.


The Finals will be announced, once the 2021 contest officially opens.




Each song, which competes in the AfriMusic Song Contest, shall be selected through a national selection process on AfriMusic digital platforms in each competing Country. In order to qualify for the National Selections, each Country needs to have a minimum of 2 approved entries. The Contest will consist of 4 Phases:


  • Phase 1:Call for entries – unlimited space available [please refer to entry requirements below]


  • Phase 2:Internal vetting [The AfriMusic EXCO will select a maximum of 30 top songs per country, that comply with all the criteria set out in the rules herein and only approved entries will compete in the National Selections]


  • Phase 3:National Selections phase will take place in each participating Country on the AfriMusic local social media platforms. The general public will vote online via a link allocated to their favourite participating entry song. The public’s votes will be combined with the judge’s votes to determine the best song from each country, that will compete in the finals.


  • Phase 4:Finals to determine the best song on the African Continent. The public vote and the judge’s votes will be combined, to determine the winner of the AfriMusic Song Contest 2021.


  • Entry forms will be available on A link to the entries will also be posted on AfriMusic social media platforms (Facebook; Twitter; Instagram).  For any queries please contact the AfriMusic Song Contest adjudication team, at 

  • Singers, Songwriters, and/or composers can submit entries in accordance with the published AfriMusic rules and regulations. 

  • Artists currently signed with an existing record label can submit entries.

  • Each songwriter(s) and/or composer(s) can submit a maximum of 3 songs within the competition year.

  • There will be a maximum of 30 spaces available in the national selections per country.

  • Online Entry forms must be completed in full and submitted accordingly. 

  • Entry assets:

    1. Full track with music, vocals & instrumental; 

    2. Full track with vocals only; 

    3. Full track with instrumental-only; 

    4. Lyrics sheet;

    5. Numerous and various professional images of performing artist, for promotional purposes;

    6. Music video of the song [if one has been created]

    7. Biography of the artist and songwriter; 

    8. Written Confirmation from Songwriter confirming that the song entered is original and has never been commercially released;

    9. Written confirmation from Performer confirming participation in the contest;

    10. If the artist is signed to a recording label a signed clearance letter from the label needs to be submitted.


  • All of the above must be submitted via email or WeTransfer to

  • All documents submitted must be in working condition and viewable as a pdf and/or mp3 / mp4 ONLY. 

  • Entries received are then screened for compliance with the aforementioned rules. The purpose of this process, known as vetting, is to ensure that each entry is eligible for phase 3 [as detailed above].

  • Independent auditors will calculate the results on which the list of finalists and winners is based and certifies that such results have been arrived at in accordance with all relevant rules.






  • All compositions [lyrics and music] submitted for the AfriMusic Song Contest must not have been commercially released or published. In case the composition has been made available to the public, for example, but not limited to, online video platforms, social networks or public performances, the entrant must inform the AfriMusic Executive Body [EXCO], who shall have authority to evaluate whether the composition is eligible for participation in the competition. The AfriMusic EXCO shall authorize or deny participation of a composition, which may have been available to the public as described above, subject to the prior approval of the reference group.

  • Composers from different African countries can enter for any other country, however, artists must be citizens or permanent residents in the participating country, but do not need to live in the country at the time of the competition; and

  • If born in another country and qualify for dual citizenship may enter the competition representing their country of family origin.

  • All compositions [lyrics and music] must be written and/or composed by the entrant. The entrant must own the composition. If the composition has been written and/or composed by more than one person, each person’s name needs to be completed on the entry form. All songs submitted need to be original compositions. Cover songs will not be accepted.

  • AfriMusic reserves the right to request documented/written proof that all songwriters, composers qualify as set out herein.

  • The maximum duration of each song is 4.5 [four and a half] minutes. 

  • It is at the songwriter(s) and/or composer’s discretion to select the artist that will represent their song in the competition. Artists can be established or un-established performers.

  • Songs previously entered into the AfriMusic Song Contest will not be eligible for entry in the new year.

  • All artists competing in the competition must be 18 years of age and older.

  • No artist may compete for more than one country in the AfriMusic Song Contest in a given year.

  • The entrant is free to decide the language in which the artist(s) will sing.

  • During the entry, process artists need to submit all required assets including numerous images of the performer. AfriMusic will create a video for each song that will be voted for by the participating country’s public and judging panel to determine the country’s representative in the finals. AfriMusic may produce a music video of the winner from each national selections that will compete in the finals and feature on AfriMusic’s digital platforms for the judging panel; and public voting.

  • Changes to the lyrics, the artist or group [including its name], the title of the song and the language of the song [i.e. all elements which appear in printed material such as brochures, CD covers and booklets] shall be allowed only up until phase 2. AfriMusic in consultation with the entrant may review a later change of the language of the song for marketing purposes.



  • The AfriMusic EXCO will disqualify any song that is longer than the allocated 4.5 minutes after consultation with the entrant.

  • All entry forms not completed correctly and with assets submission [as per entry requirements stated in section d. HOW TO ENTER above] including the record label clearance letter [for artists who are signed to a record label] will automatically be disqualified.

  • All entries submitted after the closing date will automatically be disqualified. 

  • Songs that were previously entered into the AfriMusic Song Contest will be automatically disqualified.

  • The lyrics and/or performances of the songs shall not bring AfriMusic into disrepute. No lyrics, speeches, gestures of a political or similar nature shall be permitted for the AfriMusic Song Contest. No swearing  (profanities, blasphemies, or other unacceptable languages shall be allowed in the lyrics or in the performances of the songs. No messages promoting any organisation, institutions, political cause or other, company, brand, products or services shall be allowed on the music video or artist images and within any official AfriMusic event [i.e.: Media Interviews, press events, performance etc.] A breach of this rule may result in disqualification.



  • A Statuette will be awarded to the winner of the AfriMusic Song Contest. 


  • There will be no entry fee charged to participate in the AfriMusic Song Contest.


  • The winning song entered into the AfriMusic Song Contest will exclusively be owned by the AfriMusic Song Contest.

  • All broadcasting and other rights to the finalist’s music videos and song entered into the AfriMusic Song Contest are exclusively owned by the AfriMusic Song Contest.

  • All press/broadcasted interviews, or article content needs the prior approval of the AfriMusic Song Contest EXCO, order to assure accurate information is provided to the public and quality control. Breach of this term may result in disqualification. Third parties are not permitted to act on behalf of the artist and the winning song.

  • No commercial or non-commercial entity shall use the AfriMusic logo or distinctive elements without written permission from the AfriMusic Song Contest.

  • In order to produce the AfriMusic Song Contest, AfriMusic will require the following from each artist, songwriter(s) and/or composer(s):

    • The right to use each artist(s), songwriter(s) and/or composer(s) photograph, image, name, likeness, biography, recorded music video performance, for the marketing/advertising, filming, broadcast and commercial exploitation of the National Selections and Finals;

    • The right to use the sound recordings or part thereof embodied in the composition entered in the AfriMusic Song Contest for the purpose of the marketing, advertising, filming, broadcast and commercial exploitation of the AfriMusic Song Contest;

    • The exclusive right to manufacture and distribute for sale through digital distribution, ringtones, and physical album sales of the AfriMusic Song Contest Finalists album. Artists, songwriter(s), and/composer(s) will receive royalties for the song sold, with the rights being owned by AfriMusic Song Contest.

  • In the case where an artist is signed to a recording label, the label needs to give a signed clearance letter for the AfriMusic Song Contest to be able to use the image, the vocals and the music entered into the contest of the signed artist. 

  • The AfriMusic Song Contest may re-record the National Selections finalists’ song and produce the competing songs’ music video.

  • The winning artist of the AfriMusic Song Contest will become the brand advocate locally and within Africa for the head sponsor of the AfriMusic Song Contest. The winner will be required to sign a 12-month contract with 6 free appearances and social media commentary for the sponsor, including PR access. The winner cannot within the 12-month contract have any other competitor brand engagements. The winner will need to perform at 1 sponsor hosted free event. Social Media responsibilities: 1 free tweet per week, 1 free Facebook post per week and 1 free Facebook Live video chat per month, with the prior approval of content intending to be released with the AfriMusic Song Contest EXCO.

  • All accredited media shall be free to use, for the purpose of the written press [including websites] only, any material filmed by them during any AfriMusic Song Contest events and preparations only.

  • Payment and income for all performances made by the AfriMusic Song Contest on behalf of the winner i.e.: Co-ordinating bookings, negotiating fees, contracting and receiving income for performances related to the Artists winning song for the duration of this contract (12 months), shall be disclosed and discussed with the Artist; where payment will be negotiated at a 35% rate (less expenses) of the final amount to the Artist, irrelevant of currency. Any recording contract or deal, outside of the AfriMusic Song Contest agreement, will subsequently be negotiated under different terms with AfriMusic Records Ltd.

  • Payment and Income for all performances made by the Artist and/or artist management/publicity team i.e.: Co-ordinating bookings, negotiating fees, contracting and income for performances related to your winning song for the duration of this contract (12 months), shall be disclosed and discussed with the Promoter; where payment will be negotiated at a 10% rate of the final amount to the Promoter, should these bookings be confirmed at the back of your publicity manager or that of the artists own accord; irrelevant of currency.




  • The main title of the competition is the “AfriMusic Song Contest”, followed by the year during which it takes place.

  • Participating countries shall not be entitled to sell any sponsorship packages in relation to the AfriMusic Song Contest without written confirmation from the AfriMusic Song Contest and cooperation with the AfriMusic Song Contest with respect to any centralized sponsorship guidelines or requirements.

  • All entrants hereby waive any claim of whatsoever nature, which they may have against AfriMusic and/or sponsors arising out of or in connection with their participation in the competition. 

  • Each song, which competes in the AfriMusic Song Contest finals, shall be selected through a national selection process voted by the public and a panel of AfriMusic judges.

  • AfriMusic Song Contest shall not be liable to an entrant for any reason whatsoever, whether in contract or delict or otherwise arising out of, or in connection with the AfriMusic Song Contest. The entrant hereby fully and effectually indemnifies the AfriMusic Song Contest, sponsors, and their successors, assigns, licensees and each of their officers, directors, employees, and agents and hold them harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, judgments, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal expenses) directly or indirectly due to any breach of these rules by the entrant. This indemnity shall survive the completion of the competition.

  • All decisions with respect to the acceptance of any entry and eligibility of entries are made by AfriMusic and shall be final and binding upon all entrants. In the event of any dispute, the AfriMusic Song Contest's decision shall be binding on the entrant and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • All physical materials submitted become the property of the AfriMusic Song Contest and will not be returned to the entrant. AfriMusic shall not be responsible for late, lost, damaged, misdirected, stolen, or misappropriated entries.

  • AfriMusic may, without the entrant’s further consent, use the entrant’s name, and the name, likeness, biography and photographs of the entrants owned or controlled by the entrant (“contribution materials”) without charge in exploiting advertising and publicising the competition in all media and formats throughout the universe.

  • The entrant hereby represents, warrants and undertakes to the AfriMusic Song Contest that the entrant is entitled to enter the competition and has full power and authority to grant rights herein expressed to be granted;

  • The entrant shall not, without the prior written consent of the AfriMusic Song Contest (except as required by law) at any time hereafter, either personally or by means of press or publicity or advertising agents or agencies, divulge or disclose any information of any nature or kind relating to the development or production of the competition to any person, relating to any matter arising hereunder or to the general affairs of the AfriMusic Song Contest, coming within the entrant's knowledge by reason of this competition or otherwise howsoever.

  • Notwithstanding and irrespective of any advertisement or announcement which may have been or may hereafter be published, the AfriMusic Song Contest shall not be liable to the entrant for, or in respect of, any loss of publicity, advertisement, reputation or the like due to the entrant's non-appearance in the competition and/or the AfriMusic Song Contest's failure to produce, advertise, promote or exploit the competition and nothing contained herein shall be construed so as to impose upon AfriMusic any obligation to make use of the services of the entrant, or to permit the entrant to play any part in the making of the competition, or to produce, advertise, promote (or to continue the production, advertising, promotion or exploitation) of the competition.

  • Once submitted an entry may only be withdrawn by the entrant from the participating country. The request to withdraw an entry must be made in writing and received by the AfriMusic Song Contest no later than 5 days after the closing date of the entry period.

  • The AfriMusic Song Contest reserves the right to withdraw the award from any winner, who in the AfriMusic EXCO’s sole discretion, has brought the AfriMusic Song Contest into disrepute; and in the case that the entrant has been convicted of any misconduct and violent crimes.

  • By submitting a fully completed entry for the AfriMusic Song Contest 2019 the entrant agrees to abide by the rules as stated in this document.These terms and conditions together with any specific rules set out in Competition Notices (as defined herein) are the Competition Rules ("Rules"). By entering the AfriMusic Song Contest Competition, entrants agree to be bound by these Rules.

  • Employees of AfriMusic Song Contest or any associated company of AfriMusic Song Contest and their immediate families, persons connected with the competition, and their immediate families i.e. sponsors, suppliers & agents are not eligible to enter the competition. 

  • The AfriMusic Song Contest reserves the right to modify these Official Contest Rules at any time.

  • If for any reason the Contest is unable to run as planned, including flying artists to South Africa to re-record the entered song and produce the music video for the finals and to fly the winner to attend the Eurovision Song Contest, the AfriMusic Song Contest reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest until further notice. 



  • The AfriMusic Song Contest is a body made up of EXCO members. The EXCO will assist each entrant with the competition process. 

  • The AfriMusic Song Contest shall appoint a jury made up of key members from the music industry for each region of the continent. Members of the jury must not be involved with, nor have any relationships with any individual(s), a person(s), companies or businesses or involved in any matter or issue that would in any manner be regarded as a potential or perceived conflict of interest; and will notify the AfriMusic Song Contest organisers immediately if any matters develop or arise before or during the course of their duties and obligations as a judge which might be regarded as a potential or perceived conflict of interest with his/her duties as a judge.

  • Members of the jury are selected as respected professionals within the music industry: Artist, Composers [not competing in the Song Contest], author of lyrics and/or music, producer and Radio DJ.

  • The names of the members of the jury will not be disclosed until the AfriMusic Song Contest publishes them on the official AfriMusic Song Contest website after the adjudication process has ended.

  • If it appears that votes are cast only with the intent to abuse the voting system or to false the final results or have not been undertaken in accordance with the AfriMusic Song Contest requirements, AfriMusic in consultation with the auditors reserves the right to remove such votes.



  • Public citizens from any African country and globally are invited to vote for their favourite songs by means of SMS/Messages, which shall be implemented in all the participating countries. In addition, there shall be a jury to be appointed by the AfriMusic Song Contest to vote in the national selections and in the finals. 

  • With respect to the voting line, the song which has received the highest number of votes shall be ranked first, the song which has received the second-highest number of votes shall be ranked second and so on. With respect to the jury voting, the process and format of the vote will be made available to the judges in their judging manual, which will be handed out to them before the national selections.

  • The ranks of the votes and the jury shall be combined and audited by an independent auditing firm for the national selections and the final.

  • The winner will be announced via the AfriMusic Song Contest social media platforms, to the media and on subsequent music broadcast channels, should this apply




Artists representing the listed African countries, are invited to enter the AfriMusic Song Contest:







Burkina Faso



Cabo Verde


Central African Republic



Côte d'Ivoire


Democratic Republic of the Congo




Equatorial Guinea





























Republic of the Congo


São Tomé and Príncipe



Sierra Leone


South Africa

South Sudan










Western Sahara