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Dhortune ThatOndoBoy

2020 Winner


Welcome to the 2020 AfriMusic Song Contest

The AfriMusic Song Contest is the first and biggest music competition platform of its kind in Africa.  In 2018, singer-songwriter Symphony, representing eSwatini, won the AfriMusic Song Contest with her song Sengikhona and singer-songwriter Nonzwakazki representing South Africa, won the 2019 contest, with her song Phakama Mbokodo, which means "Rise Women".

Both artists were awarded with an opportunity to represent their artistry and their country, with an all-expenses-paid trip to perform abroad, as part of the Eurovision Song Contest.
This year Nigerian rising-star Dhortune ThatOndoBoy has taken the title of the 3rd AfriMusic Song Contest winner. Dhortune is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and performing artist. His musical style is a fusion of contemporary Afro-Highlife with a modern tune and his songs promote the Ondo-Yoruba African culture.

Since it's inaugural contest in 2018, entries opened to all 54  countries across the African continent and obtained over 8.6million public votes from around the world. 


The AfriMusic Song Contest was created with the idea of cementing songwriting in the music industry, to grow and recognize the African genius behind the hits.

Pre-registration for the 2021 contest will open soon. All African citizens living in Africa and abroad are invited to enter. Further details will be announced on AfriMusic's social media platforms.
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In May 2018, Symphony performed in Lisbon Portugal to a crowd of over 20,000 EuroVision fans from across the globe and the main EuroVision show was broadcasted to a live TV audience of over 186 million viewers around the world.


In May 2019, Nonzwakazi performed in Tel Aviv Israel to an astounding crowd of over 100,000 EuroVision fans from across the world at the EuroVision Village. The main EuroVision show broadcasted to a live TV audience of 184 million viewers during 2019.


In May 2020, the 2020 AfriMusic Song Contest winner, Dhortune ThatOndoBoy performed during the Eurostream broadcast of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final.

Global Exposure

Phakama Mbokodo (2019)Nonzwakazi (South Africa)
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Sengikhona (2018)Symphony (eSwatini)
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Our Winning Songs 2018 to 2020


Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, theAfriMusic Song Contest Executive members are closely monitoring the circumstances daily and adhering to the advice and guidance received from the World Health Organisation (WHO).


During a time of universal uncertainty, our utmost priority is focused on the health and safety of our contestants, staff, AfriMusic and EuroVision community. Please look out for further announcements, as we fast approach the end of the 2020 installment of the contest.


As announced by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) on the 18th March, the 2020 Eurovision  Song Contest scheduled to take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has been canceled and therefore the 2020 AfriMusic Song Contest winners trip, has been postponed until further notice. 


We urge everyone to follow the guidelines and protocols put forth by Public Health Officials and wish to send our well wishes to those affected by this pandemic.



2020 Finals

Top Countries across Africa have battled it out!

The 2020 finals voting closed at midnight on the 25th of April 2020. The winner of the 3rd AfriMusic Song Contest is Nigeria's rising-star, Dhortune ThatOndoBoy with his song called Yèmi.

2020 Finals Results

30 Artists from across Africa

The winner of the AfriMusic Song Contest is selected by a positional voting process. Each contestant receives two sets of rank points, one set from the judging panel and another from the public. Rank points are combined and divided by 50%. The song with the highest number of combined points wins. In case of tiebacks, the song receiving the highest points from the public vote is the winner.

2020 Recognition Awards

Eurovision members awards

Each year recognition awards are presented to the finalists of the AfriMusic Song Contest. These awards are adjudicated by Eurovision related sites:,,, and Destination Eurovision.

EuroStream 2020

Eurovision 2020 Participation

Following the cancellation of this year's Eurovision Song Contest due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, several major Eurovision websites have joined forces to organize an alternative online edition of the Contest.

Two AfriMusic Song Contest finalists performed during the interval act of the Eurostream 2020 Semi-Finals 2 and Grand Final. Visit AfriMusic Song Contest YouTube Channel to watch Kenton Lee and AfriMusic winner, Dhortune ThatOndoBoy.


YÈMIDhortune ThatOndoBoy (Nigeria)
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